Hello health nuts!

For the last few years I have been working with a company called Juice Plus+, who work in whole food based nutrition. This means they use concentrates from over 25 real fruits and vegetables to create health tablets and powders. If you don’t know why fruits and vegetables are so important to all of us, pro athlete or not, please take a look at the video below. It is a webcast from Juice Plus+ and although it is very long, it is one of the videos that changed how I look at my training and diet. For those of you interested in my training and diet, this video will help you understand the diet side a bit more!

Oxidative Stress and Athletic Performance

I truly believe in Juice Plus+ and want you all to understand exactly how it works. It has become as important a part of my training as my time on court or in the gym. If you don’t have time to watch the video, or do and want to find out more information about how to order some please follow the link below. You can also just click the tab at the top of my website titled Juice Plus+. It will lead you to my personal Juice Plus+ site, which can give you lots more info!

Camden Riviere Juice Plus+


How Bad Do You Want It?


Hello All!

Every few months I like to post a couple videos that really motivate me. This posts videos are some classics, but are still incredibly moving. Whenever I watch them they remind me that my goal is not just to be successful in court tennis, but to be successful at life. To try to be the best I can at everything I do, regardless of what it is. I hope you all find them as helpful as I have!

How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It? Part 2



Hey Friends!

Summer is in full force down here in the south, and I am loving it. I am working hard this summer on many things, both tennis and non tennis related. Along the way I hope to give you all some hidden secrets to my training, and how it can work for your game.

Many of you may not know, but I am in the process of finishing up my college degree. It is a process that was started a long time ago, and has been a goal of mine to finish. I started my degree at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI, but after one year found it was too difficult to attend class and travel for tournaments at the same time. About two years ago I restarted classes at Strayer University, which is based in Washington DC, but has a great online program. The online classes are difficult to do while traveling, but have been a big focus of mine. This summer I will be taking an additional 2 classes, in hopes of speeding up my degree.

My training for next season won’t really start until July, in order to give my body time to recover fully. That doesn’t mean I will be doing nothing for the rest of the month though! I try to stay “fit” year round, as it makes it easier when my training kicks in fully. This is something I would recommend highly to you all. Even if you are not playing tennis all of the time, continuing to go for runs or even doing squats and lunges daily can help keep your body in shape. This will make it easier when you get back out there, as your body will be more familiar on court. You can even (depending on your dedication/obsession level with tennis) practice hitting forehands and backhands while watching tv at night. This can help improve your form, as well as create a nice comfortable relationship with your racket.

Finally the Aiken Leader was kind enough to do an article about my US Pro Singles win. To check it out just click on the photo below.

I hope you all are having a nice relaxing summer, and don’t forget the sunscreen!




Hello All!

Yesterday I won my fifth consecutive US Professional Singles title! I am over the moon about the result, and can say for sure that it was the hardest one to win yet. After beating Steve Virgona in the semi-finals, I was set for a rematch from the WC with Rob Fahey, and you can bet I wanted revenge!

The first set was very nip and tuck. We were both dealing with the court well, but not finding our openings as often. Luckily the court in Newport plays much more to my style than Melbourne, giving me a slight edge in the match. I took the first set 6/4, but it could have very easily gone the other way.

The second set saw Rob take over. Errors were creeping back into my game, and Rob and I were both struggling a bit with the balls on court. He took control early and never looked back winning the set 6/2.

The third set was the best one of the day, with our level of play stepping up knowing how important this set would be. From the first game you could see the level of play pick up, with more openings being hit, as well as less errors being made. We traded games until 4/4, and then I put together two great games to take the set 6/4.

The fourth set saw Rob get frustrated, and my game come together. I started retrieving everything, stopping Rob from getting chases, as well as extending the points. This was the game plan from the beginning as with the heat in Newport, I hoped I could use the long week of matches to my advantage. That mixed with the severity of the court (the ball doesn’t bounce much in the corners) helped me storm through the set 6/o, and that was the match.

Although it was not the best tennis, the fight was there from both of us and that created a good atmosphere. I can’t believe I have now won the event 5 times in a row! It was an exciting week, and coming off of the World Championship result, I wanted to make sure I ended my season on a good note.

This now leaves me the summer to recover from what has been an exhausting 6 months. I am excited to get home, and spend time with family and friends for a bit. A big thank you to Sergio and Phoebe for allowing me to invade there house for the week, as well as the National Tennis Club for another great event.

Thank you for all of the supportive messages throughout the week, and I look forward to seeing you all very soon!




Hello Friends!

Tonight I renewed my battle with Steve Virgona in the Semi-Finals of the US Professional Singles. Still and i have battled it out more times than I can remember, but most recently was in the Final Eliminator for the World Championships. I managed to get through Steve then, but new he would be looking for revenge here in Newport.

The first set was as close as it could get. We traded games, both trying to get settled in and enforce our game plans. I managed to grab a 5/4 lead but Steve closed the gap to 5/5 after a close deuce game. The 5/5 game was a good one for me, I played three very strong points to grab a 40 love lead and then got a chase to get the serve. I finished the set strongly winning it 6/5.

Winning the first set gave me a lot of momentum at the start of the second set, and I wanted to take full advantage. My railroad was working well, and although still a little rusty I was finding the grille and winning gallery. I jumped out to a quick 4/0 lead before Steve grabbed a game. I finished the set strong played consistent tennis, winning 6/1.

Being two sets up should be a huge confidence boost, but I knew that if I gave Steve an inch he could fight his way back into the match. I grabbed  another quick 3/0 lead before Steve battled back to 2/3, with the level of tennis remaining very high. I then snuck a 5/2 lead from a few games that could have very easily gone to Steve. He didn’t gov sup though winning the next game for 3/5 before I could close out the match 6/3.

The final score was 6/5 6/1 6/3!

The night finished with an amazing dinner sponsored by Northfield Information Services, and was hosted at Ocean Cliff here in Newport.

I am now set for a rematch with Mr. Fahey in the Finals on Sunday. Rob defeated Ricardo Smith in an incredible 5 set thriller earlier in the day. I will be looking forward to the match, and will do my best to get revenge for the WC last month!



Hey Guys!

Things are going well here in Newport, and I have found myself in the semi-finals tonight against Steve Virgona. I am pretty pleased with how I am playing, considering the break after the WC.

My first round match was against Josh Dodgson, the current assistant at Tuxedo, and it was a fun one. Josh is one of the young up and coming players, and showed that he has potential in our match. I was able to find my legs, and although a little rusty, managed to win the match 6/1 6/0 6/1.

I was then in the quarter-finals where I renewed my battle with James Stout. James is the current rackets WC, and is highly regarded, by me, as the most talented player in the world. Luckily for me court tennis isn’t his primary focus, and that gave me a slight edge in the match. It was one of the most fun matches I have played in a long time. We were both retrieving well, and hitting our openings when available. It was the best James has played against me in a long time, and it reminded me how good he is/could be. I was able to sneak the first set 6/4 which helped me settle in. The second saw all the momentum go my way and was a blur going my way 6/1. The third set was then a battle to the end, with some amazing long rallies but I managed to close it out 6/4.

The semi-finals are today and the first match is Rob Fahey vs Ricardo Smith. I will then be on against Steve Virgona at 5pm. The matches are being live streamed so if you would like to check them out just go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9Z503S7LhE