Hello My Friends!

Last night I won my third consecutive IRTPA Championships title, defeating Bryn Sayers in a hard fought final. The match was a great one, with a huge turnout of support at the Manchester club. The first set I came out playing well, controlling my length and hitting openings when available. I raced out to a 5/0 lead before Bryn could get his footing. He snuck a few games back before I was able to take the first set and lead 6/2.

The second set was much closer, Bryn started to make less errors, and my length just seemed to disappear. This is a crucial part of my game, and with it a little off, there were too many openings for Bryn to attack. He took full advantage and gained momentum playing two very good games at 4/4 to take the set 6/4.

This trend continued into the third set, I was playing well but couldn’t keep my length and control consistently game to game. This made it very difficult to gan momentum or even find a rhythm. I tried my best to stick with it as Bryn was playing very well, not giving me any free points. At 4/4 I put my head down and played two very good consistent games to take the set 6/4 and 2 sets to 1 lead.

The fourth was very back and forth with Bryn taking a 3/1 lead before I battled back to 3/3. He was exploited the areas of my game where I was struggling, and it was very frustrating! We got to 4/4 again before I found some momentum and played my best 2 games of the match to finish the set and the match 6/4.

The Final score was 6/2 4/6 6/4 6/4 and it was a great match. Having not played Bryn in a while I forgot just how draining it is to play him. I am pleased with the result, and am proud of my mental strength, when needed, against a tough opponent. This win makes it my third consecutive IRPTA Champs title, winning now in 2012, 2013, and 2014. I never thought I would be able to say I accomplished such a thing, and truly feel I earned it with the Final this year.

A big thank you must go out to Stella, Steve, Rod, Mariana Capital, Pol Roger, and the tournament committee at Manchester for hosting a great event. It is never easy to put up with the Pros for a week, and I truly appreciate all of their help while at the event.

I am now headed back to Boston, where I have two remaining USCTA National League matches before I finally head back down south in early November. It will be a short stay though as the British Open starts the third week of Nov. and I will be straight back on a plane to London to try to win it for the first time. Thanks you all for the supportive messages, they really do help me!





Hello Friends!

I am excited to say I won my IRTPA semi-final today against Chris Chapman. The match was a fun one, with lots of long rallies, as well as some interesting shot selection by both players.

The first set I came out of the blocks quickly. My railroad was feeling good, and i felt quick around the court. I dominated the service end, and played smart tennis when returning serve and found myself taking the set 6/0. The second set was a bit closer, Chris found his rhythm as well as a great serve that pinned me to the back wall. I spent too much time at the receivers end, and that made the momentum in the match go back slightly towards my opponent. I kept my head in it though, and grabbed a 5/2 lead before closing out the set 6/3.

The third set saw me finding my groove again. Playing most of the set from the service end, and being more effective from the receivers end when there. I also started to hit my openings a bit more, which always makes a match a little easier. Before I knew it the set was over 6/0 and that was the match.

I now take on Bryn Sayers in the Finals, who defeated Ben Matthews in the other semi-final 6/3 4/6 6/5 6/1. I am looking forward to a tough match and will give it my absolute best!



Hey Guys!

Things are going well here in Manchester! I have made it into the semi-finals which take place today. My first two matches went pretty smoothly, but of course I always try to concentrate and give 100% no matter who I am playing.

My first match was against Rod McNaughtan, who is actually the Professional here in Manchester. Rod’s game has been up and down over the last few years due to some injuries, but it is great to see him back healthy and regaining his form. The match was a fun one, with the home crowd trying their best to spur Rod on. I felt pretty comfortable on the court though, having played here almost every year for the last 6 years helps! I won the match 6/1 6/1 6/2 but a lot of the games were close than the score shows.

I was then into the quarter-finals against a veteran of the game Jon Dawes, who is the Head Professional at Hatfield. Jon has some amazing talent, which led to some exciting and fun rallies especially as the court is a bouncy one. I felt in control though, working the point well, and dominating the service end for most of the match. The final score was 6/1 6/1 6/2.

That puts me into the semi-finals where I will take on Chris Chapman, who in recent times has secured his position as one of the top 10 players in the world. It will be a great match and I know I will have to play my absolute best to win. In the other semi-final we have Bryn Sayers against Ben Matthews, which should be an battle. They have played many times and know each others games very well.

The Final is scheduled for Monday night, and I will do my best to make sure I am there for it! Thanks for all of the support!



Hello Friends!

Things have been very busy since returning from France! After being home for less then a week I found myself on another plane, this time to Chicago to play in the USCTA National League opener. This year I am playing for a combined Washington/Boston team which includes myself, Tony Hollins, Neil MacKenzie, and Ivan Ronaldson. My team took on the Chicago team of Steve Virgona and John Lumley which is by far one of the strongest teams in the league. I managed to grab the win over Steve 6/4 6/2 on his home court, and we won the night overall so I was very pleased with the trip!

My training has been going well up north, focusing on my fitness and overall strength rather than bulking. It has been great to be back in Boston catching up with friends as well as seeing the club do so well. I am now getting ready to head off to the Manchester in the UK for the IRTPA Championships. I leave tonight and my first round match is on Thursday. I managed the win the tournament the last 2 years, and I know everyone will be gunning for me this year! The draw is posted HERE is you would like to take a look.

Sorry my posts have been so infrequent lately, I have started 4 classes this semester towards my degree so my free time is limited. It is all for a good cause though, as taking the extra classes will allow me to finish my degree by the end of 2015! I will work hard to keep you all updated on my progress throughout the week, and I can’t thank you all enough for the support!