Hello Friends!

Last night I won my 3rd consecutive US Open Singles title! I am very excited about how I have been playing all week, and I must apologize for the lack of posts about it. It was a tough tournament though, as I had to play World #3 Steve Virgona in the semi-finals and then World Champion Rob Fahey in the Finals.10362850_10152540788136371_2359698579111698003_n

In the semi-finals Steve and I had a great match, but I felt very comfortable and in control on court. The first set I did my best to come out quickly, trying to gain the early edge. This worked as I grabbed the first set quickly 6/0! The second set became a battle, as Steve started to find his rhythm, but I managed to stay ahead and control the service end, taking the set 6/3. The third set saw more of the same, Steve made a final push to get back into the match, but I won the big points when I needed to, and took the set 6/3 for a final score of 6/0 6/3 6/3.

The finals was a rematch of the World Champs, and I wanted revenge! I came out of the blocks fast again, hitting my openings and controlling play from the service end. Rob was struggling to find his groove, and I did my best to take advantage of it. The firs10986902_10204880802353052_39936008151573989_nt set was a quick one, going my way 6/0. The second set saw more of the same, Rob was starting to find some openings, but I maintained control taking the set 6/1. The third set was a tough one. I grabbed a 3/1 lead, but then momentum swung completely the other way into Rob’s favor. This is something that can only happen in court tennis, and is tough to explain. One point can completely change the momentum of a match! Before I could regain control Rob had fought back to a 5/4 lead, and I couldn’t hold him off from grabbing the set 6/4. The fourth set started, and I knew I needed to get the momentum back my way. This was difficult though, as Rob had stepped up his game dramatically from the first two sets, and I could tell he was gaining confidence with every point. We exchanged games to 3/3, at which point I regained control of the match. Yet again, with one point I felt completely in control again, and from that point went on to take the set 6/3 and that was t11025704_1621166548116235_8329049547212904692_nhe match 6/0 6/1 4/6 6/3.

A huge thank you to the Boston Tennis and Racquet Club for hosting a great tournament, and a special thank you to Head Professional Tony Hollins for allowing me to invade his house for the week. The club is like a second-home to me, and I can’t thank the members enough for the support over the week.

Tonight is the doubles final, where Tim Chisholm and I take on Steve Virgona and Kieran Boot10998391_10152815139318473_9202698426495052838_nh. The match starts at 7pm and will be a high paced battle. If you would like to watch just click on the stream below, or go to






Hello Friends!

I am here in snowy Boston for the 2015 US Open Singles and Doubles Championship, and the tournament is going ahead at full speed. Yesterday was the second round of the singles, where I took on my good friend Tony Hollins. We had a great match, with a full crowd in attendance, to cheer on Tony of course! Tony recently became the Head Professional at the Tennis and Racquet Club, here in Boston, and it was great to see how much the members were behind him.

I felt very comfortable on the court, having spent so much time here it isn’t too surprising. Tony played well in the first grabbing an early 3/1 lead before I found my form and took the set 6/3. Some errors and fatigue then entered into Tony’s game, completely understandable when trying to run a US Open and play in it as well. The next two sets were fairly straight-forward, with me controlling the service end for most of the match. The final score was 6/3 6/1 6/0.

I am now into the quarter-finals this morning at 11am against World #6 Kieran Booth. It will be a tough match, and I will need to play my best to get through it. Like always I will give it my best, and hopefully that will be enough! The matches are all being streamed on the official USCTA Youtube page which can be viewed on the link below:


On a side note, a reporter from the Boston Globe stopped by on Friday to watch a bit of the tennis, as well as write an article on the game and the US Open. Below is a link to the article, please take a look!

Court Tennis, You Have to See it to Believe It


Hello Friends!

As you know, I am a huge fan of motivational speeches, and I heard one of my favorite ones on tv the other day. The speech is by Kai Greene who is a professional body builder, and an idol of mine. He works so hard to be the best at his trade, and I respect everything about the way he carries himself. Kai did a voice over promo for the NFL playoffs called “The Mindset” during which he gave a great speech. I wanted to share it all with you in hopes it motivates you all as much as it does me.

The Mindset

I refuse to believe today will be just another day in my life

All that I am….all that i will become, will be written through my thoughts and my actions

Ive conditioned my mind….trained my body….sacrificed my soul.
There will be obstacles….doubters….mistakes…..but nothing comes to those who wait
Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up



Hey Guys!

The US Open is approaching fast, and I am starting to get excited about it. Mostly this is because the official draws came out today, and looking at them always pumps me up. I am the number 1 seed in the singles as well as the doubles with my partner Tim Chisholm. It is going to be an incredibly tough tournament with almost every player ranked in the top 15 in the world playing. I will need to be at my absolute best that week, and am training my hardest to make that happen. Below are links to the draws so take a look!

Singles Draw

Doubles Draw