Hello Friends!
    It has been a while since I have given you some updates, and I must apologize for that. The summer turned quiet busy for me after accepting the position as Head Pro in Newport. I arrived in Newport in mid-July, and have been going full steam ahead ever since. The job has been going very well, and the members have been more than welcoming, making me feel at home already.
The bad news is that my shoulder injury has gotten worse, forcing me to consult a doctor, and eventually deciding to take the rest of the year off of competitive play. My impingement has gotten worse, to the point where I cannot use my arm. So I am have started a hardcore physical therapy routine 3 days a week, with the hope of being back at 100% come January. It is very difficult for me to give up on the remaining tournaments this year, but it is the best decision for my long term career, and of course my goal of winning the World Championship.
In the meantime though I have started working with my personal trainer Micah, who as you all may remember helped me for a long time when I lived in Boston. He, and his company, Next level Fitness and Wellness, have done a lot for me over the years, and it feels great to be back with them. NLF recently launched a new E-book called Equilibrium Effect, which focuses on the lower back injuries many people get from sitting behind a desk at work all day. It is a really interesting read, and I would recommend it for any of you if you get a chance. Below is a link to the site and a quick video on the book!

Equilibrium Effect