Hello My Friends!

Thursday night saw my first competitive match since June of this year! Coming off a shoulder injury, and having only hit twice before the match, I was worried how it would go. I am happy with how it turned out, though I am VERY rusty, as the shoulder did not hurt at all!


The match was a USCTA National League match which pitted my New England team against the Tuxedo team. There was one exception though…..I was playing for the Tuxedo team!! This happened because I was originally scheduled to play Tim Chisholm, but he suffered a wrist injury while over at the British Open. Since I had not played a match this season, I was able to change my status to a floater, which is a player that can play for any team, and subsequently played for the Tuxedo team. This meant that the New England team was Nick Howell and Tony Hollins, who have been playing together all season due to my injury.

My match was against Nick Howell, who also works with me in Newport, and I was pleased with the result. Although I haven’t played at all, I have managed to stay in shape, which will make coming back that much easier. I felt as though I was covering the court well, but was not striking the ball as cleanly as normal. My competitive spirit was a strong as ever though, and I took the match 6/4 6/2.

This is a great first step, as the shoulder felt good out there, and I know my game will only get better. I am now tuning up for the Australian Open in January, where I will be partnering up with my good friend John Lumley for the doubles. It is a long way to go for my first official tournament, and hopefully it won’t be a quick trip! I am trying not to set my expectations too high, but am also very stubborn and way too competitive to accept anything else but a win!

Thank you to the Boston T&R for hosting a great evening in conjunction with there yearly Christmas party. It was a great atmosphere, and very cool to play in front of a packed house.




Hello All!

The race to qualify for the 2016 World Championship Eliminators has concluded, and despite my 6 month layoff I have still qualified. The four qualifiers (in order of qualifying position) are:

  1. Camden Riviere
  2. Steve Virgona
  3. Tim Chisholm
  4. Bryn Sayers

This means that I will be playing Bryn and Steve will be playing Tim. I have also been told that Bryn is not going to be competing in the Eliminators this time around, which means I have a bye to the Final Eliminator. I am now waiting to see who wins out of Tim Chisholm and Steve Virgona.

I have never had a bye before in the Eliminators, and I am trying to make the best use of it. It means that I am through around without a match, which is great, but I also don’t get the match practice of playing such a high quality opponent.

Coming off of an injury like I am, this is probably the best possible outcome I could have gotten. The first day I have been able to hit a ball with my left hand is December 1st, which would not have left me much time to prepare if Bryn had decided to play, I can now take my time and ease myself back into the game, which will increase the likelihood of my injury staying away.

The Final Eliminator location is not set yet, but I will keep you informed as I hear anything! For more information on the World Championships itself (which is set to take place at the National Tennis Club in Newport, RI aka where I work!!) just go to: . Tickets are going fast so if you are interested in coming please sign up soon!



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Hello Friends!

I am excited to say that my injury layoff is officially over! It has been a very long few months dealing with a shoulder injury that has been following me for close to 5 years. Over the last few months I have been focused on fixing it permanently in order to get myself to 100% for the upcoming World Championship Eliminators. I will admit it has been very difficult to miss all of the tournaments this Fall, but I have kept reminding myself of the bigger picture, trying my best to become World Champion.


My recovery is largely in part to two people, Burt Reed and Michael Cecchi. Burt is the owner of Olympic Physical Therapy, where I have become a regular, spending a minimum of 3 days a week getting my shoulder worked on. Burt and his team have taken amazing care of me, and have taught me more than I probably need to know about how shoulders work.

Mike is the owner of Bridge to Fitness, the best gym in Newport, and is one of the most knowledgable trainers I have ever met. While working with Burt, he recommended that I see Mike about getting back into shape, and the rest is history (and a lot of pain!). Mike and I are now working together 2-3 days a week to get me back into shape, and hopefully even into better form that I have ever been before. I can’t thank these gentlemen enough for their help, and I believe they have helped me to come back stronger than ever.

If you have any injuries, or just want to try to get into shape, I cannot think of two better people and places to help. I have trained in many places, and had many injuries (too many in my opinion!), but I have never felt as confident as I do in the work of these two.