Hey Guys! I am happy to report that the French Open was as successful as possible. I managed to do the double, winning both the singles and doubles titles. This wasn’t without plenty of drama though, as the week was one of the most stressful I’ve had on tour.


The trouble started with the day I was heading over, when my flight was cancelled. They rebooked me onto a later one, but when I got to JFK airport they couldn’t seem to find my flight to tell me which gate to go to. eventually that was fixed and I made my flight, but upon arriving in Paris I learned that my tennis bag had not made the flight. This meant that I didn’t have my rackets, tennis whites, shoes, supplements, or physical therapy bands. My first two practices I borrowed Tim Chisholms clothes and rackets, and I bought some shoes from the local tennis shop (not the best preparation!). My bag didn’t arrive until 5 days later, about 10 minutes before the singles semi-finals! When I opened it to grab stuff I found out that my supplement powder had exploded in the bag leaving green powder all over my stuff. Half of my clothes were ruined, and it took a few days to clean up the rest. Luckily the rackets and shoes were fine! The final problem came in the Singles Quarter-Finals when I tore two of my intercostal muscles in the final game. These muscles are part of the obliques and made it very difficult to run or use any rotation when hitting the ball.

Otherwise, the week went pretty well. It took all my effort to focus on each match using other peoples rackets and clothes but I found the challenge pretty exciting. The Singles Final was a battle against Rob Fahey, and finally having my own stuff helped bring me the comfort I needed to play my best. Rob was coming off of a tough 5 set semi-final which definitely put me at an advantage, and I took the change to steam through the match 6/2 6/2 6/0.

The Doubles Final pitted Tim Chisholm and I against Steve Virgona and Chris Chapman. My body and mind were very tired from the week, and luckily my partner is just that good. Tim did most of the hard work, taking control of the match and carrying us to the title 6/3 6/3 6/4.



As I sit in the airport headed to Paris for the French Open, I am left with my thoughts preparing for the event. This is nothing new as it has become a bit of a ritual for me to get focused for the tough week ahead. This time though, the thoughts are different. The recent loss of my good friend Bob Harrington is flooding my thoughts.

Bob was an incredibly important person in my life, especially in my younger years, and played a huge role in the successes I have today. Bob was both my teacher and my fathers teacher at Aiken Prep School, and was one the first people to hop on the court tennis court with me. Alongside that, he was the first person willing to take a smart mouthed young red head on as a doubles partner. Bob and I competed, and won, more than a few doubles titles with his years of experience and my fiery competitiveness. Bob was the ultimate gentleman both on and off the court, and was always willing to take the time for anyone who needed it.

My longest lasting memory of Bob is also the most important. While in school Bob taught me a poem, which has stuck with me to this day. The poem, and the lesson he taught with it, became a way of life for me, teaching me the importance of believing in myself and my dreams, as well as how to carry yourself as a person. A fitting lesson from a man who did both better than anyone I know. The poem was “Couldn’t Be Done” by Edgar Guest and it goes:

It Couldn’t Be Done

Somebody said that it couldn’t be done
But he with a chuckle replied
That “maybe it couldn’t,” but he would be one
Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried.
So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin
On his face. If he worried he hid it.
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn’t be done, and he did it!

Somebody scoffed: “Oh, you’ll never do that;
At least no one ever has done it;”
But he took off his coat and he took off his hat
And the first thing we knew he’d begun it.
With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin,
Without any doubting or quiddit,
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn’t be done, and he did it.

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done,
There are thousands to prophesy failure,
There are thousands to point out to you one by one,
The dangers that wait to assail you.
But just buckle in with a bit of a grin,
Just take off your coat and go to it;
Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing
That “cannot be done,” and you’ll do it.
I have carried this poem in my tennis bag for as long as I can remember, always relying on it during tough times. I know that I will need it this week more than ever, as this week I am going to French Open with a different goal. I am playing to show Bob the person I have become on and off the court thanks to him, and how much those times and memories with him mean to me.



Hello Friends! I hope you all have had a great summer, as I know I have. It was great to relax for a bit, and focus on recovering from a long successful season. All of that is over now though as the French Open starts next week as the season opener! The draw this year is one of the toughest I’ve ever seen with almost the entire top 10 involved.


With the new season I will be starting back with weekly blog posts, as well as match reviews when I can. If you would like to take a look at the draws for the French, please follow the links below!

French Open Singles Draw

French Open Doubles Draw


As you all know I am a huge believer in Advocare products. Since starting using them two years ago I have seen a dramatic change in the way my body feels. Not only has it helped me push my body to get into the best shape of my life, but it also helps with my recovery and mental strength. I believe in the products so much, I have officially become a distributor as well, so if you are interested in learning more or trying them out, please visit my website below.

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Upcoming Events May 2017

Hey Guys! I have a fun week of events set up for May!

May 10th

USCTA National League Finals

Prince’s Court, Washington DC

Team New England (my team!) takes on last years Champions, Team Chicago-Philly, for the title! Let me know if you are in the area!!


I will then head straight up to Boston for the Sears Cup which is a doubles tournament featuring different divisions. The Pro Division features 4 teams and I am partnering home pro Tony Hollins!




Friends in the New England area,

Come check out the Battle of World Champions and our first National League match of the season at the Tennis and Racquet Club in Boston on Thursday October 13th.

The night will feature Rackets World Champion James Stout and I battling it out on both the rackets court, as well as the court tennis court. The rackets match is part of the Western Open being hosted by the TandR that weekend. The court tennis match is part of our US National League which being played between Team New England and Team New York that night.

The schedule of play is as follows:


5:30PM – James Stout (Rackets World Champion) vs Camden Riviere (Rackets enthusiast)

Court Tennis

6:00PM – #2 Singles – Leon Smart (Team New England) vs Barney Canfield (Team New York)

7:15PM – #1 Singles – Camden Riviere (Team New England) vs James Stout (Team New York)

8:30PM – Doubles – Camden Riviere/Tony Hollins (Team New England) vs James Stout/Barney Tanfield (Team New York)

For more information or to sign up please contact Tennis and Racquet Club Head Professional Tony Hollins at




Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 10.08.45 PM

Hello Friends!

A new season has started, and with it so has a new Camden Riviere Facebook page! I have created this page to help ease some of the posting that is currently done on my personal Facebook. Please check it out by clicking or by searching on Facebook for Camden Riviere. If you get a chance please invite some friends to check it out as well!





Hello CT Fans!

August has been a tremendously busy month for me, with many big changes happening. I have started preparations for the 2016/2017 season, and only have a month left until the first event, the French Open. This training involves getting back with my trainer, Mike Cecchi, as well as getting back out on court. It still feels like the World Championships was just yesterday, but I know I need to get back on the horse to make sure I am 100% prepared for the what is to come.

Luckily, last weekend the National Tennis Club hosted its annual Pell Cup doubles tournament, which I have traditionally used as a warm-up event to kick off my training. This year I teamed up with my good friend, and Boston T&R Head Professional Tony Hollins in the Pro Division. We had two tough matches to make it to the Finals, but I was pleased with my form given the time off over the summer. In the Finals we played current Doubles World Champion, and my doubles partner, Tim Chisholm and one of the top amateurs in the US Peter Cipriano. The match was a close one with Tony and me taking the first set 6/4 before falling in the second set 6/3. The final set was a short one, starting at 3-all, and we managed to take an early lead which proved to be the difference. We took the set 6/4 and that was the match!

I also managed to sneak in a super early morning practice session with John Lumley over the weekend, and am currently planning a trip down to TuxPhiladelphia to put in some good training time with him before the French. I will most likely be there in early September, so if you are around let me know!

Hopefully there will be a lot more big news over the next few months, so keep checking in for updates!





Hello My Friends!

As you look around the site, you are going to start seeing lots of new updates! As I move forward in my career, I am starting to #focus on many different aspects of court tennis. This does not mean I am slowly down my training by any means, it just means I am adding lots of other elements alongside it.

I have always been very passionate about the growth of court tennis, and my hope is that I can help the USCTA, IRTPA, and all the other associations to grow the game in the future. Alongside these associations I hope to bring court tennis, both in the US and around the world, to new heights through the building of new courts, advancement of junior tennis, and overall growth of the professional side of the game.




US Pro 2016

Hello My Friends!

My incredible month has continued by winning my seventh consecutive US Professional Singles title. It was an awesome week, and by far one of my toughest tournaments mentally coming off the WC. The draw featured almost all of the top 10 players in the world, and with my new WC status I knew they would all be looking to take me down.

In the Finals I had a rematch with the now former World Champion Rob Fahey, and I wanted to back up my WC performance if possible. We had a close match, especially the first two sets, which we split 6/5 5/6 before I managed to grab a steady lead. I won the match in four tight sets 6/5 5/6 6/2 6/1, and it was one of the toughest mental matches I have ever played.

With the win I have tied Rob for the most consecutive US Pro titles at 7, and will now look to surpass it next year.

Thank you to the entire NTC Board and members who helped make the week a great one. Now it is finally time to shut down for a few weeks before starting back in my training. It has been a month to remember, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has for me.