Hey Guys! I am happy to report that the French Open was as successful as possible. I managed to do the double, winning both the singles and doubles titles. This wasn’t without plenty of drama though, as the week was one of the most stressful I’ve had on tour.


The trouble started with the day I was heading over, when my flight was cancelled. They rebooked me onto a later one, but when I got to JFK airport they couldn’t seem to find my flight to tell me which gate to go to. eventually that was fixed and I made my flight, but upon arriving in Paris I learned that my tennis bag had not made the flight. This meant that I didn’t have my rackets, tennis whites, shoes, supplements, or physical therapy bands. My first two practices I borrowed Tim Chisholms clothes and rackets, and I bought some shoes from the local tennis shop (not the best preparation!). My bag didn’t arrive until 5 days later, about 10 minutes before the singles semi-finals! When I opened it to grab stuff I found out that my supplement powder had exploded in the bag leaving green powder all over my stuff. Half of my clothes were ruined, and it took a few days to clean up the rest. Luckily the rackets and shoes were fine! The final problem came in the Singles Quarter-Finals when I tore two of my intercostal muscles in the final game. These muscles are part of the obliques and made it very difficult to run or use any rotation when hitting the ball.

Otherwise, the week went pretty well. It took all my effort to focus on each match using other peoples rackets and clothes but I found the challenge pretty exciting. The Singles Final was a battle against Rob Fahey, and finally having my own stuff helped bring me the comfort I needed to play my best. Rob was coming off of a tough 5 set semi-final which definitely put me at an advantage, and I took the change to steam through the match 6/2 6/2 6/0.

The Doubles Final pitted Tim Chisholm and I against Steve Virgona and Chris Chapman. My body and mind were very tired from the week, and luckily my partner is just that good. Tim did most of the hard work, taking control of the match and carrying us to the title 6/3 6/3 6/4.

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